Rather than getting into ill-advised one night stands and other flaky relationships that can end in unwanted pregnancy, people should always try to instead shoot for a committed relationship that leads to marriage. But not everyone is aware of what it takes to create a long and happy marriage. Here we go over some ways to ensure a successful marriage, which should be the goal of everyone who wants to be experience true and undying love in their lifetime.

The first and most important principle in creating a successful relationship is honesty. Lying is a game killer that is very hard to overcome. Tell the truth, and you will never have to worry about lies in your relationship. This is the very reason you should be as honest as possible to avoid mixed messages or blowing your partner off. Remember a relationship isn’t about deception it’s about partnership, in other words everyone should be the same. So as adults we should share, know and be honest with each other.

Another important thing in creating a healthy relationship is compromise. And when it comes to your partner and your relationship you need to be able to compromise. This is one of the reasons why healthy dating should always include communication and time for you to spend together. Spending time together nurturing your love for each other is something that is very important and can deepen your relationship with your partner and enhance your success.

For the sake of all involved a healthy relationship cannot be achieved if love is at risk. Love is something that is not rational it’s emotional it’s something that is not based on reason and logic. Love is based on emotions and our need to feel the zen effect of pure emotions. Love in its true pure state cannot be created by argument and counter intelligence as it has an element common to all life, that is the zen effect. However love is something that cannot be denied, even when the other person might not acknowledge your feelings, you should be respectful of whatever decisions they make as they lead you to the path of love and happiness.

We should never do to others what we want to be done to ourselves. What truly makes a healthy relationship is when everyone involved is content in the relationship and not doing anything to jeopardize it. heel turns make life interesting and even exciting and are only taken as a step forward in a relationship rather than as the end.

The tipsy type of relationships are rather unbalanced and unhealthy at times. If you want pure and undying love never to be put to waste, you should be caution and careful with your actions. Rather than risk your own good judgment with actions that can be easily misinterpreted love seems to come as an pill once too often. Love is an emotion and emotion is a very dangerous thing. Any idiot can point out the difference between fact and feeling, but it’s emotional impact that determines our judgments. We should never substitute facts for feelings or logic for emotions, as this is a sure fire way to destroy the delicate foundation of relationships.

The only relationship that should be based on marriage, is a relationship where both parents give their whole heart to the other and want the results of love to be pure and undying. As long as we can provide that wanting in our partner and believe in each other. Then we can have that foundation of love that our partners have been looking for.

On a side note, if you are looking for something deeper that will truly make your relationship last a lifetime I have only one word for you, Find a spouse that has the same belief system as you. That’s real power right there!