We all only have one life, so live it to the fullest. That is something that many young children, and even young adults hear when they are growing up. Despite the challenges and obstacles that we may face, we owe it to ourselves to do our best in the face of adversity, put our best foot forward, and live as fulfilling of a life as humanly possible.

I don’t think anyone would deny those sentiments. But why is it that so many people nowadays suddenly feel like those same sentiments don’t apply to an unborn child? Note that we aren’t just talking about a hypothetical child, but one who is literally months, if not days away from starting a life of its own.

 Before these children even have the opportunity to even breath their first breaths on their own, their lives are taken away from them, by people who undoubtedly believe that every life is sacred. It’s honestly just so hard to fathom and simply is hypocrisy at its finest (or more aptly, hypocrisy at its worst).

When you see a child playing in their first soccer game, or meeting a new friend at the park, how would you feel if you took those memorable moments away from that child and made sure that they never got to experience them in the first place? Even outside of the context of murder, simply waving your hand and magically taking life’s greatest moments from a child’s life, let alone an adult’s life is inherently wrong, because they have every right to enjoy those experiences for themselves.

When you abort a baby, that is essentially what you are doing. Abortion keeps an unborn child from fulfilling the life that it was afforded through procreation of a man and a woman. And even if that child never fully grows up and experiences life down the line, it doesn’t change the fact that ultimately someone other than that child decided that their life wasn’t worth living.

In essence, people who go through abortions are playing God. And not in the good way. They are deciding who gets to live and who gets to die, based not on God’s plan, but simply based on how this one child could negatively affect their own lives. And worst of all is that they are making these decisions for children who are born entirely innocent, in the truest sense of the word – children who have the most right to living out their lives and seeing what kind of people they grow up to be.

Anyone who supports abortions wants to at the same time come across as being kind-hearted and fully understanding the sanctity of life itself. But that viewpoint directly goes against the killing of unborn child simply because they may be a burden on the mother. So when it comes to their true stance on the value of life, don’t be fooled by their roundabout arguments – they don’t care about the sanctity of life in the slightest.