Although many women have a positive view towards Planned Parenthood and feel like it is a great place for general women’s health, the fact of the matter is that they are lying to you. They’ve built up a very strong outward facing image to the public, but anyone who knows about Planned Parenthood in more detail can attest to their true nature.

This nonprofit organization is very delicately worded, being portrayed as a group that focuses on reproductive health care, not just in the United States but around the world as well. They supposedly give advice on contraception and even family planning. When you read a description like that, it’s not hard to feel like Planned Parenthood is a positive resource for women everywhere, regardless of if they are pregnant.

However, what many people don’t’ actually realize is that Planned Parenthood is primarily there to provide abortions. In fact, that is just about the only reason they truly exist. While Planned Parenthood is technically a Nonprofit, they make over a billion dollars in revenue, and nearly $100 million dollars in profit, according to their annual report from 2015-2016. And those numbers keep growing, so while those numbers are fairly outdated, you can bet that today, Planned Parenthood is making a hell of a lot more money.

Their biggest source of revenue is abortions. In fact, it is just about their only real source of revenue. In that same report, non-reproductive healthcare and prenatal services were notably decreased from the year prior. This includes cancer screenings and even basic breast exams, all of which are completely dwarfed by the number of abortions that are taking place. And these trends are not going to stop anytime soon.

People from within Planned Parenthood itself have even confirmed this fact anecdotally. There are numerous reports of bosses directing their workers to push their clients towards having abortions rather than maintaining the pregnancy and keeping the child afterwards. There are even reports of employees essentially getting commissions or bonuses based on how many abortions they can bring in for Planned Parenthood.

All of this is just sick and something that any reputable company would not do. Planned Parenthood essentially puts on the appearance of being a healthcare provider while ultimately trying to convince as many women as possible who step through their doors to kill their unborn children. Absolutely disgusting.

Although they ultimately want to claim otherwise, Planned Parenthood is first and foremost an abortion provider. In fact, they are the nation’s largest abortion provider, convincing numerous unsuspecting women to get abortions just to increase their profits. Having said all that, it should be clear as day that they are not a group to be trusted, let alone a group that should be receiving government funding to help provide abortions under the guise of women’s health.