One of the biggest reasons abortion is bad is because it gives so many people the mindset that they can just sleep around with whomever they want and not have to worry about the consequences of potentially getting pregnant. Now when people are engaging in random hookups so to speak, they typically would still be using condoms at the very least for protection from STDs, but even then, not having to worry about pregnancy (or at least fulfilling a pregnancy through to the child’s birth) makes them more comfortable with sleeping around, not less.

Couples in committed relationships can fall victim to this even more so, since typically there is no risk for contracting STDs if they are only sleeping with each other. Without having to worry about raising a child, couples will have sex with no concern for any consequences simply because they don’t believe that there are any real consequences to speak of.

But that is just not true. And this mindset only makes the abortion issue even worse, with more unwanted pregnancies occurring than ever before. Back in the day, when abortion was rightfully considered immoral across most of the country and the world, people were much more careful about having sex and having the proper protection that is required of it. But now, people act much more irresponsibly, creating a huge spike in unwanted pregnancies and thus abortions.

And unfortunately, it is precisely these people who are having sex recklessly that think nothing when it comes to abortions, simply because they think it is not wrong and therefore it justifies their irresponsible sexual activity. Look, we all get that sex is amazing and it feels great. But there are ways to do it without potentially murdering an unborn child in the process.

It all basically comes down to using protection if you are not looking to get pregnant, especially if you are not willing to raise a child if you do happen to get pregnant. This is such a simple step that can decrease abortion worldwide if implemented by everyone. This means women using birth control or men insisting on using a condom, or both to be extra cautious.

Such a simple step can change the world for good! It doesn’t affect your sex lives in the slightest and only makes you safer. If you love having sensual orgasms that much but don’t have the decency to use protection, then you should really just stick to using your hands or sex toys – Blissful Cherry has some excellent ones – if you really want to get yourself off that badly. Don’t let your horny tendencies and hormones create a situation where you end up killing an unborn child. It is just not right.