Although the left side of the aisle loves calling it an abortion, most people who know anything about abortions realize that abortion is murder, plain and simple. But even that doesn’t truly describe what having an abortion actually means.

Most women who have never had an abortion before simply imagine going to a doctor and gracefully removing the baby from their womb and becoming normal again. Heck, even some women who have experienced abortions firsthand will attest to that and believe it, at least on the surface. But they know deep down what happens during an abortion, and it is just horrible to think about.

In early-term abortions, the doctor will essentially stick metal tools into you and stab the growing tissue inside of you until it becomes a mush of bloody gunk that is now able to exit your body. It is just about the most inhumane thing possible, only lessened by the fact that the unborn child inside of the woman isn’t completely distinguishable to the mother right at that moment. But don’t be fooled: all of that growing tissues was to become a living breathing human being. Stabbing and ripping apart that flesh is exactly the same as stabbing and ripping apart a living human being right from a woman’s womb.

Late-term abortions are even worse. With a fully cognitive and living child in your womb, late-term abortions typically start by once again inserting metal tools to poke and stab at the baby’s head and neck area, in hopes of “aborting” the child quickly and painlessly. And when I say “aborting”, I obviously really just mean killing the child. And although doctors claim that this is the most human way possible, from a general perspective, it is obviously not human whatsoever, but this is the only way they can justify and sell the operation to pregnant women and their families. Plus, there is no real guarantee that the child dies after this initial part of the procedure. The doctor very well could be making things worse and putting the child into unimaginable pain.

But it still gets worse. Next the doctor will use tools similar to that used to break open crab legs in a restaurant, to effectively rip off the limbs of the baby so that they can be removed from the womb one by one. And again, if the baby isn’t fully dead yet from the initial part of the procedure, it is most definitely going through immense physical pain during this stage, until it ultimately succumbs to its mutilation of its body parts.

That is what you should think of when you hear the word “abortion”. And after hearing all that, it should be painfully obvious that abortion should be abolished completely. Because no child deserves to ever suffer and die in that sort of gruesome manner.