• Status Quo

    Why Abortion Has Not Been Abolished in Florida

    It Has Never Been Attempted

    Not a single pro-life representative or senator in Florida has ever attempted to put forward a bill to abolish abortion. Although they may emphatically declare "Abortion is murder!" on the campaign trail or at a crisis pregnancy center banquet, none of them has ever made a law consistent with this supposed belief.


    Florida legislators - if you believe abortion is murder, then you have an obligation to treat it as such, which includes seeking its removal immediately and entirely. If the murder of over 70,000 babies every year does not bother you enough to simply put forward a bill to protect them (all of them), then you either do not actually believe abortion is murder, or you are not acting consistently with that belief. If 70,000 born people were being murdered every year in Florida, undoubtedly you would act immediately and uncompromisingly to end the genocide. But since the pre-born are smaller and you can't see them, you subconsciously discriminate against them and don't treat their deaths with as much urgency as you would the death of born people. Stop discriminating against the pre-born and put an end to their holocaust. All human beings, regardless of age, race, gender, size, ability, or any other factor, are created in the image of God and therefore may not be murdered.

    Pro-Life Politicians Benefit from Abortion

    The perpetual treadmill of pro-life regulationism benefits those who champion the legislation. It gives them good ratings with pro-life organizations, which they can use to gain even more votes. They see abortion, the murder of children, as merely a political issue which they can use to gain more power. They may say things like, "I believe abortion is murder", but they never put forward any legislation consistent with this supposed belief. Instead, they choose to regulate abortion as if it were healthcare. By doing this, pro-lifer leaders and politicians are buying in to the wicked presupposition of the pro-abortion movement - that abortion is legitimate healthcare. We reject the notion that abortion is healthcare in any way, shape, or form, and to regulate it as healthcare is abominable and cowardly.

    Regulation Will Never Lead to Abolition

    Hallway width, physician admitting privileges, mandatory ultrasound, etc. are all pro-life regulations placed on abortion mills. Rather than getting to the root of the evil, these laws seek to conform to the status quo political climate, and "save a few" even if it means solidifying the practice of abortion as a whole.


    Instead of defining abortion as murder, these laws, in effect, say...


    A preborn baby may only be murdered in a facility with wide enough hallways.


    A preborn baby may only be murdered by an assassin who has admitting privileges at a local hospital.


    A preborn baby may only be murdered after the mother sees the baby and still wants to murder him/her.


    And so on...


    Something that pro-lifers fail to see is that the more a practice is regulated, the harder it becomes to abolish. 


    Stop regulating how,when,where, and by whom abortions will be done. Instead, abolish it altogether as what it is - murder.

  • Pro-Life Laws Make Abortion Stronger

    They Prune the Abortion Tree

    Avoiding the Root

    As pro-lifers regulate how, when, where, and by whom abortion is done, the end product is abortion that complies with their laws. The kind of abortion that meets the pro-life rules is "safer", more sterile, and appears more benign than the kind of abortion that was practiced before. Although the branches have been cut, the end result is a stronger tree, a stronger abortion industry.

    An Example

    This video gives an example of how well-meaning pro-life regulations, which may be considered pro-life "victories", actually strengthen the abortion industry and work against abolition.

  • Who We Are

    We are Simply Christians Seeking to Respond Rightly to Child Sacrifice

    We are not secularists - We are Christians

    We are evangelical Christians who believe that the only right way to fight evil is with God and His Word. Abortion, nor any societal evil for that matter, will ever be abolished without appealing to the higher law of God. We refuse to "leave religion out of it", because without God, there is no basis for right and wrong. Instead of relying upon how the world says we ought to fight evil, we rely upon how God says to fight evil. We are working to build Christ's Kingdom and please Him in all that we do, including how we seek to establish justice for the pre-born.

    We are not pro-lifers - We are Abolitionists

    The term "pro-life" is only a statement of belief. The term "abolitionist" is a statement not only of belief, but also of action. We do not simply claim to believe that abortion is murder, but we seek to treat it as such.

    Click here to learn about the differences between pro-lifers and abolitionists.

    We are Calling You to Action - Not Asking for your Money

    We are tired of the pro-life organizational games. We're sick of the pro-life banquets and the fundraising events. We are not a part of the pro-life industrial complex, and we don't believe that we have some special ability that you don't have. Once again, we are simply Christians trying to stop the genocide of millions of our pre-born neighbors. Join us in our work.